"Earth's mine. Live & learn, humans."

Our Sun flickers supernova.
Something's terribly wrong.

Earth's way too polluted for

wormholing to Cygnus.

Humaliens with mind control
ravage Earth with gravity quakes.

That which floats above Us.
That which strikes before Us.
That whom clothes Us

13th Zodiac
An eco sci-fi of love, action & adventure.
Betrayal, tyranny & vengeance.
Foretold by the 13th Zodiac.

Be as One


Coming soon to Earth

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Root matrix
PoliZYE squadron, ZYE Armada
ESOLA armada annihilated. Skorpia star destroyer lost.
13th Zodiac countdown to Cygnus spiral arm, portside.
Sun next. Prepare for Earth arrival.
Be as One.
Komander Sol






























Seek and you shall find





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